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This Wednesday Dr. Dave Bass will be holding 15 minute evaluations for 25 dollars starting at 4 going to 7 sign up at the concierge before all the spots are taken.

Breath and Flow workshop every Thursday 11/29-12/20 6-7:30 pm ; Come breathe and move with coach Taylor and Dr. Lisa through Functional Progressions and workouts ( this is a great follow up from the core and pelvic floor workshop hosted a few weeks ago) Sign up through BirthFit RVA

The Christmas Party with be 12/15 at 6:30pm please RSVP by 12/ 1. This will be a fun night to get dressed in something other than gym clothes(even though you are welcome to wear gym clothes) This will be potluck style , we will have a sign up sheet by the water fountain for sign ups.

Crossfit Pushin Weight – CrossFit


2 Rounds:

:30 Jump Rope

7x Power Cleans

10x Wall Balls

7/5x Ski Calories

:10 Dip Support Hold (Top/Bottom)



(1) 50x UB DU Every 2:00

(2) 30x UB DU Every 2:00

(3) 30x Double-Unders Every 2:00

(4) 10-20x DU Every 2:00

(5) 15:00 Skill Work


Metcon (Time)

For Time:

50x Double-Unders

40x Wall Balls (20/14)

30x Calorie Ski

20x Ring Dips

10x Power Cleans (225/155)
15:00 Time Cap

Scaling Options:

DU = Reps / 100x Singles

WB = Height / Load

Cal Ski = Calories

R. Dips = Bar / Parallettes

Pwr Cl = Load (185/125) (155/105)